Digital reproducer MP300 with radio control...

Digital reproducer MP300 with radio control unit, menu in english and arabic

Code: BERMP300T01

The  MP300 is a high power digital reproducer with radio control unit, able to generate 50 watt of power. It's at disposal with up to 40 calls, all in a very high quality and resolution sound.

Integrated weekly timer and easy display O-LED.

This device is at disposal also with menu in ENGLISH OR ARABIC language.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED MEMORY: Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with a link to click that will send you to our HEAR THE CALLS section where you can listen and create memory cards with the calls you prefer!

We advise you to complete the choice of calls within 10 days.


The radio control unit can control 2 different devices:1 MP300 and 1 C36T16 or 2 MP300 .

The MP300 has a custom memory CHIP with up to 40 calls in ultra-high resolution stereo. Among the calls that can be inserted there are some specially created by us that play two different calls on the two connected trumpets to have a 3D effect and a more realistic situation.
The 3D effect is especially effective with wary ducks that are " thrown in the water" out of reach; this 3D effect is in fact able to reproduce the movement of the flock of ducks through an acoustic game between the two connected trumpets

The highly technological content of this digital device, together with a wide selection of very special calls, make the MP300 digital reproducer highly competitive.

Strength is the simplicity of use.


Technical specs:

- Large 2.5 inch O-LED graphic LCD display
- Keyboard to select calls and adjust the volume
- Double RCA 25+25 watt stereo audio output
- Simplified menu
- Integrated weekly timer for programmed switch-on
- Input for 12 Volt external battery
- Low energy consumption circuit for longer battery life
- Measurements approx. 11.5 x 8.5 x 2.8 h cm.
- Weight 145 g.

Radio control :

- Ignition lock
- Range 40 meters
- Capable of commanding two MP300 or C36T digital reproducer
- Turning the timer, 3D sound and display on and off
- Low battery signal
- Weight 59 g.
- 2 MN21 batteries
- The kit includes: MP300 with radio control, memory CHIP with 20, 30 or 40 personalized calls, connection cable for external 12V battery, practical camouflage bag and user manual
- Complies with CE regulations
- 2 year warranty

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