Digital reproducer B18 with personalized memory...

Digital reproducer B18 with personalized memory card- 8 calls

Code: BERB18S001

Digital reproducer of small dimensions, equipped with internal speaker especially for small birds, very high quality sound and a competitive price.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED MEMORY CARD: Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with a link to click that will send you to our HEAR THE CALLS where you can listen and create a personalized memory card with the calls you prefer!

We advise you to complete the choice of calls within 10 days.

  • Green
  • Camouflage


Digital reproducer of small dimensions, equipped with internal speaker especially for small migrating birds, with very high quality sound and a competitive price.

The memory card of the B18 is interchangeable, it has 8 sounds, it is sold in standard (See LIST OF 54 STANDARD MEMORY CARDS with 8 sounds for B18) or personalized version, where you can choose the 8 sounds to be included in the memory card.

  • Selection from 1 to 8 calls
  • Volume control
  • Easily replaceable memory card with 8 long calls
  • Professional speaker
  • Plug for external speaker
  • Energy saving circuit for a long battery life
  • On request personalised memory cards
  • Equipped with battery and mimetic bag
  • Dimension: cm 5x7x3,7 h
  • Weight: 100 gr including internal battery
  • Kit consisting of: 8 calls B18 digital reproducer with personalized memory CHIP, clip to attach the device to trousers or shirt, a 9 Volt battery, manual instructions and camouflage bag
  • In accordance with CE law
  • 5 years warranty
  • Made in Italy

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