Additional Beeper 2000 XP®
Additional Beeper 2000 XP®
Additional Beeper 2000 XP®
Additional Beeper 2000 XP®
Additional Beeper 2000 XP®
Additional Beeper 2000 XP®

Additional Beeper 2000 XP®

Code: BERBEEP001
With the Beeper 2000 xp® you'll never miss the stop!!


The Beeper 2000 xp® has baritonal sounds with a frequency of 1200 Hz, it's waterproof, shock resistant and it's very simple to use.

It can be used as second or third beeper dog collar, but also as basic model with the possibility of buying only the remote control in the future.

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It has 30 beeps: 14 sounds when the dog stops and 16 when the dog is in search

The Beeper 2000 xp® has the "signal for prey trail” that is a different sound when the dog is on the prey trail because it changes its behaviour. This signal, if enabled, is heard if the beeper is set with a delay time of the stop longer than 6 seconds.

Inside there are four potentiometers to regulate the volume, the tone, the delay of sound when the dog stops and the time between beeps when the dog is in search.

Through the purchase of the Beeper Beretti  you’ll by also our thirty-year experience in electronic device manufacturing, always forefront and cared for in every details, always known because are robust and reliable devices, able to do the difference.


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  • E' subacqueo
  • Come impostare suoni e tempi
  • Che batterie usare
Search and stop sounds
  • 16 Beeps for the search
  • 14 Beeps for the stop
  • Waterproof with immersed electronic into silicon material (shock resistant)
  • "Magnet key": turns on and off the Beeper
  • Potentiometer to length or shorten the pause time between one beep and the other during the research phase from 4 to 60 seconds
  • Potentiometer to lengthen or shorten the time delay when the dog stop from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Volume and tone adjustable
  • Silent search
  • "Prey trail signal": signal with a different sound, when the dog modifies its behaviour because is on prey trail
  • Uses 9V battery (type 6LR61)
  • Measures Ø 5.4 x 10 cm
  • Weight 235 g. with 9 Volt battery + collar
  • The kit includes: the Beeper 2000xp® with radio frequency receiver, O-ring, 9 Volt battery, magnet key, user manual and plastic case
  • Compliant with CE/RAEE/ROHS regulations
  • 24 months warranty
  • Made in Italy

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