Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control
Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control
Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control
Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control
Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control
Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control

Beeper 2000 XP® with remote control

Code: BERBEET001
Beeper 2000 xp® with radio control and loud audible baritone sounds!

You'll never miss the stop!!

The Beeper 2000 xp® is considered the best beeper by the woodcock hunting veterans.

Through the purchase of the Beeper Beretti  you’ll by also our thirty-year experience in electronic device manufacturing, always forefront and cared for in every details, always known because are robust and reliable devices, able to do the difference.

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Beeper 2000 xp®, maximum reliability, completely watherproof and very easy to use.

With the Beeper 2000 xp® you'll never miss the stop!!

Model with radio control. This model allows you to locate the dog whenever you want by simply pressing the corresponding button on the radio control.
by means of its high volume baritone sound it will allow you to locate the position of the dog.

The radio remote control can manage up to three collars simultaneously and its range is about 300 meters in free area and about 170 meters in dense forest or hollows.

The excellent compromise between size and weight of the speaker allows the emission of baritone sounds below 1200 Hz, these sounds are designed not to scare woodcocks and being low frequency sounds they are filtered less by vegetation reaching great distances unlike beepers with high-frequency tones that squeak and annoy in short distances but aren't heard much as soon as you move away. 

Be wary of beepers passed off as "baritone", as after the success of our beeper, many manufacturers, in order to sell, add baritone sounds to the descriptions complete with an indication of herz frequencies, too bad that in those frequencies the volume is decidedly lower and little audible compared to ours.

To clarify, a speaker measuring less than 5.3 cm of diameter, due to its technical construction characteristics, will play high-frequency sounds and not baritone tones (in fact, a drum must have a large diameter otherwise it will sound like a tambourine).

 This explains why, if you want to even joke about it, our beeper is considered by  professionals woodcock hunters to be the best Beeper for "HARD EAR" hunters ;-) 

Have you ever wondered why with our beepers you can locate your dog more precisely thanks to the baritone sounds? 

it's easy to say, over the years all of us hunters tend to lose a part of the high frequencies, sometimes also due to repeated shots that "offend" the ear opposite the barrel, this can worsen one's hearing ability even if only for a ear. 

So there are three categories of hunters:

- Hunters who hear the beeper well because they have not lost their hearing in any way, in this case they will hear our beeper at greater distances for the low frequency sounds which reach the top much more easily as it is a type of sound wave that is filtered less from vegetation than beepers with high frequencies, usual phrases from hunters are: "your beeper is fantastic even in the opposite valleys 450 meters away!"

- Hunters who have hearing problems in both ears... The classic phrase that hunters who don't have our beeper bring back to me... "I can't hear the beeper while driving". 

After they have purchased it, the sentences become... "With your beeper you have given me my life back!!.. now I know where my dog is at bay! You have given me back my passion!".

- Hunters who cannot hear well in only one ear, this is a very annoying condition because a particular problem is encountered...

The classic phrase before purchasing our beeper is: "I hear the beeper when stopped but I keep going around in circles because I can't understand where the dog is", as I move away I understand that I'm going in the wrong direction.

or.. "My friend keeps telling me: Where are you going from there, can't you hear that the dog is stopped on the other side? "

After purchasing our beeper the sentences change... "Now I no longer lose woodcocks with the dog pointing!" , or.. "I'm going straight towards the pointing dog!"

All the problems listed have been solved by concentrating the sound at high volume but on low frequencies, aiming precisely at the frequencies that we have not lost, with this technique we are therefore able to make the sound of the beeper heard at a great distance, from there our slogan was born ......

With the Beeper 2000 xp® you'll never miss the stop!!


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Search and stop sounds
  • With the remote control you can control up to 3 beeper dog collars 2000 xp at the same time
  • Possibility to silence the beeper when the dog stops, pressing the coloured button when you hear the sound of dog in stops, it restart automatically when the dog will change its behaviour
  • Possibility of knowing where your dog is by pressing the coloured button correspondent to the color of the respective beeper
  • Possibility to switch on or switch off all three beepers at the same time with the remote control
  • Every beeper 2000xp can be menaged from two different radio control units
  • 16 types of acoustic signals when the dog is in search and 14 when the dog stop of which three sounds of simulated hawk
  • Underwater and impact resistant, with electronic parts immersed in latex to cushion shocks
  • Equipped with a magnet that allows you to turn the Beeper 2000 xp® on and off from the outside without having to unscrew the cap
  • Internal potentiometer to lengthen or shorten the pause time between one beep and the other during the research phase from 4 to 60 seconds, adjustable by using the supplied internal screwdriver. It is possible to set the silent search
  • Internal potentiometer to lengthen or shorten the time on the stop from 0 to 60 seconds adjustable by using the supplied internal screwdriver
  • Volume and tone adjustable
  • "Olfactory trace signal": signal with a different sound, when the dog modifies its behavior with a track left by the wild
  • Use 9V battery (type 6LR61)
  • Acoustic signal of the battery consumption status at power on
  • Magnet loss function. It is possible to turn on the beeper as well as with the magnet simply by inserting the battery
  • Dimensions Ø 5.4 cm x 10 cm //  Ø 2,12 inches x 3,93 inches
  • Weight g. 235 with 9 Volt battery + collar
  • The kit includes: model Beeper 2000xp® with radio control unit , O-ring, 9 Volt battery, magnet key, instruction manual and carrying case
  • 24 months warranty
  • Complies with CE/Raee/Rohs regulations

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